Victim Services Volunteer

Job Description

As a Victim Services Volunteer you will Provide a personal and tailored support service to people who have been a victim of crime or who have been affected by crime, to cope and recover from their experience.

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, it has been necessary to make temporary amendments to the delivery of the volunteer service.

Adjustments need to take into account the movement of volunteers with the Tier system and the suspension of face to face support.

Until further notice, volunteer support will take place over the telephone.

Role Accountabilities

  • New volunteers will receive training that will consist of two days in Police HQ while adhering to social distancing.
  • Volunteers will be required to spend one day per week consisting of a minimum of four hours in the Victim Care Unit contacting victims. This is to incorporate shadowing, mentoring and training before the telephone support can be made from home.
  • Volunteers will be given a workload that can be shared between them so that no one has complete ownership of a case.
  • Volunteers will maintain communication with victims through the cope and recovery phase of their experience. They will conduct Need Assessments to identify what the victim requires and then offer support or refer or signpost onto other appropriate agencies.
  • Face to face support can only be offered after the office process has been completed (subject to coronavirus guidance.) The volunteer will complete the face to face shadowing process with a TL before face to face support can be undertaken alone.

Please can you attach a 2000 words Supporting Statement to your application on a Word document

Important: The information and examples provided in the supporting statement is how applicants are marked/scored as to how their examples meet the essential and desirable criteria required for the role.

Please evidence your qualifications, experience, knowledge/skills/abilities and any special request for the role in not more than 2000 words.

You will need to give a full, clear, specific and demonstrate examples of how you meet the criteria. Please make it clear which criteria you are evidencing.

It is the example you provide in the supporting statement that will determine if you are suitable for the role.

Cheshire Constabulary is fully supportive of equality and diversity and strives to employ a workforce which is representative of the community it serves. Applicants are welcomed from all underrepresented groups and support will be made available throughout the recruitment process for all applicants. Under-represented groups include:

  • Females
  • Those from a Black or Minority Ethnic (BME) background, including non-visible ethnic minorities such as Czech, Slovak, Polish, and Gypsy/Traveller’s
  • Individuals from the LGBT+ community
  • People with disabilities
  • All other characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010.

If you have any queries in relation to equality and diversity, or have a request for any additional support you may need, please email

The force operates a no smoking policy



  • Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Have experience of working with computer systems.
  • Present information using appropriate methods.
  • Possess an awareness of the service available to victims of crime.
  • Ideally have experience working with individuals who have been a victim of crime.