Scrum Master

Full Time
Job Description

The Scrum Master’s role is to organise and lead multi-disciplined mixed business and development teams to deliver online digital projects using the Agile Methodology.

You will be responsible for organising fortnightly sprints, and hold daily scrums with team members to track work progress and deal with issues that are blocking progress. You will organise ‘show and tell’ sessions with key business stakeholders to ensure satisfactory progress against the project objectives, and run retrospective sessions to drive continual improvement using an Agile approach.

The Scrum Master is often considered a coach for the team, helping the team do the best work it possibly can. You will do everything possible to help the team perform at their highest level. This involves removing any impediments to progress, facilitating meetings, and working with the product owner to make sure the product backlog is in good shape and ready for the next sprint.

What will I be doing?

  • Leading mixed business and development teams to deliver digital projects.
  • Organising project work into work sprints, assigning work to resources as appropriate.
  • Facilitating the scrum ceremonies and sprint planning including daily stand up meetings, retrospective, reviews, release planning.
  • Running daily scrum sessions to check on progress and pick up issues that are hindering progress.
  • Reporting to the business stakeholder’s progress being made in the sprints.
  • Organising ‘show and tell’ and retrospective’ sessions.
  • Supporting the business Product Owner in the delivery of the project.
  • Unblocking issues that are causing delays in project deliverables.
  • Guiding the team and organisation on how to use Agile/Scrum practices and values.
  • Being accountable for the output of the team/teams, by removing impediments, accurately measuring velocity and validating product roadmaps with the business.

What do I need?

  • Experience of working in a Digital/eCommerce environment
  • A full understanding of the principles of the Agile Methodology
  • Full perceptive of the Systems Development Life Cycle
  • Experience in organising cross-functional teams in the delivery of projects (preferably as a Scrum Master)
  • You will need to be confident, assertive, possess strong communication skills (especially listening), and be capable of leading teams in a collaborative, supporting style.

As the Scrum Master you need to be the facilitator of change delivery, encouraging self-organisation and driving accountability for you teams.

Additional Information

What else is expected of me?

Good conduct matters at the AA. It’s very important that you act with honesty & integrity, are respectful of others and have a consistent desire to do the right thing. Everyone at the AA lives these behaviours, so we are all able to support the delivery of good outcomes for our customers.