Facebook publishes diversity report for 2018, which see rise in female representation

Diversity has become an important issue over the past few months and, Facebook has just published its fifth annual diversity report, citing an increase in female representation at the company.

In its diversity report for 2018, Facebook noted that people on its platform belong to various cultures and backgrounds, and as such, it has also been working on diversifying its workforce. 36% of Facebook’s global employees are women, up from 31% in 2014. Female representation in technical roles has grown from 15% to 22%. Furthermore, 57% of business and sales roles are commandeered by women, along with 30% of senior leadership positions.

Asian, Black, and Hispanic employees are enjoying more representation as well. The company says that: Black and Hispanic employees overall increased from 2% to 4%, and 4% to 5% respectively.

The percentage of Black employees in business and sales roles grew from 2% to 8% and Hispanic employees from 6% to 8%.
That said, Facebook is also facing some difficulties in its diversity goal, and it has figures to show for it:

The percentage of Black employees in technical roles remained flat, as did the percentage of Black employees in leadership roles, at 1% and 2% respectively

The percentage of Hispanic employees in technical roles remained flat at 3% and dropped in leadership roles from 4% to 3%
However, Facebook says that it’s looking to improve the situation, and that it has been actively collaborating with other organizations such as Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). It is also building a more inclusive environment and has several programs set up to tackle diversity issues as well. It went on to say that:

[…] Diversity isn’t only about gender, race and ethnicity. We know that the framing and categories used to report gender are not inclusive of our non-binary employees. However, we are limited by government reporting requirements in many of the countries where we operate. We’re pleased to report the percentage of our employees who self-identify as LGBQA+ or Trans+ for the third year in a row. That number has moved from 7% to 8% over the past year. HRC has again recognized us as one of the best places to work for LGBTQ equality with a 100% rating on their Corporate Equality Index. We’re also honored to be awarded a 100% rating on the USBLN Disability Index for 2018 — and proud that veterans now make up 2% of our employees.

The company also noted that it has equal pay for equal work for all employees globally, along with 100% pay equity for women. That said, it has clarified that it will keep working to improve the diversity situation at the firm.

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