Diversity Digest is a quarterly magazine offers a platform for all issues of Diversity and Inclusion to be highlighted.

Our aim is to have fresh and informative content that will inform, engage and challenge our readership.

We bring together all the relevant issues of the day across UK workplaces, government policy, legislation, best practice and innovation as well as continuously highlighting the benefits that Diversity and Inclusion brings to UK plc.

All things are better through diversity and inclusion – we build partnerships and alliance across all sectors of society.

We aim to offer a complete and comprehensive package of services and products to help enhance our value and USP to all of our valued clients and partner organisations.

As specialists in the Diversity and Inclusion arena we work with a range of public and private sector organisations to maximise the business, moral and social responsibility to celebrate the benefits that Diversity offers.

We also look to you, the readership, to help inform and influence us on the narrative and future content development. You are therefore warmly invited to offer feedback, comments, articles, opinions pieces and tell us of the great work you are doing in your workplace.

We work with a broad and diverse range of employers and support their efforts in community outreach and engagement to have a more diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects and positively represent the diverse community they both serve and get commercial gains from.

Our partners and clients are organisations and companies that are actively seeking to recruit from minority groups; regardless of race, gender, ethnic origin, disability or sexual orientation.

Diversity is produced in partnership with Cherron Inko-Tariah  a former civil servant and has undertaken leadership roles in various policy and strategic positions across Whitehall, including working with Ministers and Permanent Secretaries.   

In 2012, Cherron took a leap of faith and left the Civil Service to follow her passion; staff networks. After publishing her book: The Incredible Power of Staff Networks, Cherron founded The Power of Staff Networks consultancy where she provides a wide range of services.

An accomplished Chair of a number of staff networks (one to award-winning status), Cherron has facilitated bespoke training to educate employees on the benefits of proactive development. She is passionate about staff networks and the positive impact these can have on the individual and the organisation. That is why Cherron founded the National Day for Staff Networks – the first of its kind celebrating the added value of networks..

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Diversity Digest is published by Ian Thomas and Abdul Rob who between them bring  over 40 years experience in EDI.  We  believe  All things are better through diversity and inclusion – we like to build partnerships and alliance across all sectors of society.

Ian Thomas Ian@diversitydashboard.co.uk 

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